Found it in Fort Independence Park, The Bronx.

   Louis lost this ring on a sleigh riding hill playing with his daughter. It was down about 5-6 inches in the snow on the side of the hill and took about a half hour to find.

   Louis wanted to thank Rich Pupello of "Staten Island History Hunters" for the contacts that led to the rings recovery. 

_Mike Burns


I'd like to Thank Mike for going into the Bronx and recovering the Ring.

_Richie P.


Fred, from the Staten Island History Hunters and Richmond Research and Recovery, got a call at work from Gail, she had lost both her engagement and wedding ring somewhere in the snow after the latest storm. Fred asked me to help her because he couldn't get free from work.

Wednesday I tried the snow around the house where she lives and had no luck after an hour.

Today I went to the house where she works and after about five minutes found the engagement ring about 6 inches down in a snow bank. A few minutes later, about 10 feet away I got the second signal. Looking down at the snow I saw the faint, round outline of a hole, it would not be visible without being pointed there by the Etrac. The wedding band was only down two inches in the snow, not visible.

Apparently the rings were lost when she exited the car four days earlier and dropped in the driveway. The snow was shoveled along with the rings and thrown towards the lawn.

- Mike Burns


Dear Fred,

Since I don't participate in Facebook, I decided to write to your email address and you can post it to your Facebook page. 

I called you on Tuesday, February 19, 2014 with my plight.  I had lost my rings in the snow and I wasn't sure which location I had lost them at.  I wanted to rent a metal detector but you thought it would be more helpful to put me in touch with someone with experience.  And boy did you send me the best!!!  Mike Burns is the greatest guy in my books! He came to my house within a half hour and got started at my house.  Unfortunately they were not there.  I asked him to come to my dad's house the next morning where I had been on that fateful morning that I lost them and he agreed.  Well within ten minutes of searching, he had found both my rings.  I think he was as happy as I was.  He would not take anything from us as a thank you either!!

My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I had called you and inquired about the metal detectors but he is a believer now!! 

I can't thank you or Mike enough!  The sentimental value of my rings is far superior to any monetary value that they have.


- Gail & Bill Decker

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